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A flat plate collector system which turns heat radiated by the sun into hot water, liquid runs through the solar panels will be warmed by the sunlight, and this liquid will then pass through a coil in the water tank, which then heats the water stored in the tank, the panels are installed on the roof.

The benefits of using flat plate collector systems are they lower CO2 emissions on an average domestic system by up to 400kg per year, the systems are easy maintain and they save money on heating hot water whilst reducing your carbon emissions.

Photovoltaic panels save energy by adapting the sunlight into electricity, they use rechargeable batteries to generate and harbor electricity that is made from the sun’s energy. Photovoltaic systems work by converting solar radiation from the sun into electricity, the panels are installed on the roof.

The benefits of choosing photovoltaic panels are that they do not produce greenhouse gases that will help you to save on CO2 emissions.

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